Monday, March 28, 2011


ladies, what's up with our updates?!?! it's only been a week! let's not lose momentum!! keep it goin...


Breakfast: banana

Snack: 4 goldfish crackers

Lunch: rice, chicken curry, daal, morigurry, aveal, 1/2 cup paisum

Snack: kudos granola bar

Dinner: 2 idilis, sambar, daal, 1 piece of spice cake (not very sweet)

Snack: mocha frap (needed a pick me up!), piece of homemade raisin bread


Breakfast: honey bunches of oats w/ 1% milk

Snack: bottle of vanilla milk frap, strawberry nutrigrain bar

Snack: handful of fiber wheat thins

Lunch: homemade stuffed pasta shells

Snack: yoplait fat-free yogurt, 2 Quaker Oats rice cakes

Dinner: chicken picatta, green beans, oven roasted potatoes

Snack: low-fat chocolate pudding

Snack: piece of raisin bread w/peanut butter, small piece of focaccia bread, piece of chicken curry (clearly I was snacking when I got home tonight)

exercise--not so much on either day...I guess I was recovering from that last run!



  1. sunday was a fob day for you!

  2. LOLLLL...totally. I felt like saying "thovi"