Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The Biggest Loser Experiment

Today, while sitting in class, I was engaged in a pretty intense discussion with two very good friends, one being the original blogger on this site, on how to best reach our "goal weight". The end result was a decision to create a home-grown version of the Biggest Loser. From today forward, on a daily basis, each of us (Becky - the lovely lady below, Sony-teacher and volleyball player extraordinaire, and Jen- that's me) will post on two items: 1. what we've eaten all day (and we mean EVERYTHING), and 2. our workouts (duration and type of exercise). We'll weigh in bi-weekly and will post a new picture of ourselves at the start of each month. Expect our pre-competition picture soon. So what's our incentive in all of this? Besides putting in $50 each towards a winner's pot, it'll be the satisfaction of looking fabulous this summer and spending our twenties (and beyond) in great shape! Kate Moss said it best, which is why I think it's the title of this blog - here goes...


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