Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Image, etc...

1.5 weeks in. Current weight: so I had a MAJOR reality check today - I weighed myself on a gym scale yesterday, meaning a REAL scale. My current weight is nowhere near what it was the last time I weighed myself, which was last year sometime. I'm definitely not 148, I'm 165. SO, that being said, this obviously changes my goal loss from 20 lbs to 37 lbs. TTFR, that's all I've got to say!!! I guess I'd better start eating lots of cucumbers with salt ;-)

Oh, and target areas? At this point, I'm guessing I should say everything, but I specifically need to work on my midsection and thighs.

Here is my overdue Before photo - clearly kind of grimey :-)


Breakfast: honey nut cheerios, 1% milk, coffee w/ skim milk

Snack: Special K bar, water

Hunger Pangs while researching: 1/2 bagel w/ cream cheese (bad, I know!!)

Late Lunch: Whole wheat sandwich w/ turkey&ham, american cheese, chipotle mayo, lettuce, water

Late Dinner: Grilled ham and cheese on whole wheat (olive oil used), water

Exercise: 45 minute boot camp (pilates, cardio, weights)


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  1. haha grimey from bootcamp, or grimey all the time??! lollll sike sike.