Tuesday, March 29, 2011

4 days to race!

Update: Sony motivated me to take my BEFORE pic...I was all sweaty after a workout, so don't judge me!
1.5 weeks into competition, current weight: 162lbs
my target areas include my thighs, booty, and stomach

I'm getting nervoussss!

Breakfast: half glass of Silk's PureCoconut milk, banana

Snack: handful of cashews

Snack: yoplait fat-free blueberry yogurt

Snack: handful of fiber wheat thins

Lunch: cucumber with salt/pepper, 7 small gummy bears, a small sample of cosi bread

Snack: 1 rice cake, apple, 2 mints

Dinner at 5pm: chicken tortilla soup/breadstick, nonfat sugar-free iced vanilla chai

Coming-home snack: small piece of susan's chicken, a bite of some pasta & spinach, cup of cereal

Exercise--ran/walked 35 minutes, weights, abs



  1. what in the name of all that is PURELY INSANE was your lunch???

  2. you look like a slim muscle machine! jealous!!

  3. this is the tightest thing i've ever seen you wear - you look goood...i am delinquent today - will post after my boot camp this evening!!