Friday, March 25, 2011

Crazy Day...

(last night after working out, I had some cantaloupe!)

slept in a little late and went running this morning...did a 5.68k in like 39 time definitely went up from when I did just a 5k last September...need to work on this for the upcoming 10k next Sunday! J, are you READY?!?!

Brunch: glass of almond milk, about 15 fiber wheat thins

Snack: banana

Snack: yogurt

Dinner: 2 pieces of baked chicken breast, bowl of honey bunches of oats (man, I was hungry!)

so, today I went to school to audition for singing the National Anthem at graduation. Before I started, they said, "imagine yourself in front of 1,400 guests, including faculty, students, and parents!" I sang, they liked it, and said, "well, no one else has tried out, so IT'S YOURS!" They gave a deadline audition extension unil April 9, so if anyone else decides to try out, they will then decide. BUT, no one has auditioned in the last month since they sent out the announcement. soooo, I guess I'm doing it?!?!?! CRAAAAZY.



  1. WAIT - 5.68 MILES or 5 k plus .68 lol?? if 5.68 MILES, i'm screwed!!

    And I can't wait for your graduation, because that wideo :) is going up on YouTube!!

  2. Wow! Congrats on the National Anthem! You guys are definetly beating me in the exercise category, I need to get myself together!

  3. lolllll.....actually it was a 5.62k which is equivalent to 3.49're not screwed!!! and that wideo will be on LOCKDOWN!

  4. ugh you know i can't do metric...please configure numbers to read in mph - thanks!!