Monday, April 4, 2011

Food Overdue

here's my food log from the past few days give or take since it's been awhile and I might have forgotton.... Friday breakfast--cereal, piece of pancake; lunch--turkey sandwich on wheat pita, pop chips; dinner--mac and cheese; on the road to NY--a few pita chips, vanilla bean frap, 5hr energy (to keep me awake as I drove the whole way!), 2 starbursts *no exercise Saturday breakfast--eggs, pancake, bacon, sausage, strawberries, blueberries (courtesy of Betsy), lunch--lo mein, chicken; snack--ground beef puffs (3-4); dinner--meatloaf, asparagus, mashed potatos, a brownie *walked around the mall for several hours Sunday 10k day late breakfast-- half banana, 3/4 bagel, yogurt covered mango pieces; snack--puff, piece of Crumbs cupcake, lunch--asian restaurant--pad thai, chicken, soup, fried rice, etc. (had to carb it up for some energy!), gelato; late snack--brownie; dinner--half of dhara's chicken nuggest! Monday breakfast--cereal; snack--Charlottesville bagel w/ pecan cream cheese (I know bad, oh well), handful of cashews; lunch--peanutbutter and jelly sandwich; snack--sooo bad, a cheesecake brownie from work; snack--2 rice cakes, 1 peach yogurt some starbursts throughout the day; dinner--nothing as of yet (still at school) *will see if I can get a run in when I get home... -B

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