Tuesday, July 13, 2010


no I don't have kankles. I've started incorporating 10lb ankle weights into my workout when I do ab/leg exercises. apparently they really help with muscle toning and strengthening. how does one walk around in those? I couldn't even keep my balance while walking around the house. we had a visitor over and I told her not to mind my ankle weights. she said she didn't even know they were ankle weights and thought I just had kankles. greeeaaaat. so to clarify, if you see me walking around with chunky straps around my ankles, I surely am NOT the victim of kankles. I will admit that I fell asleep with them on and experienced the feeling of what it might be like to be chained/shackled to a wall. scary thought.

I recently downloaded a free app on my blackberry called Endomondo which helps with tracking a run. It has a gps-tracking system to monitor the duration, distance, and speed and also has cool music and trainers that give you pep talks while you run for motivation. I'm pretty excited to start using it.

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